2018 RocCity Brewfest
Friday, April 6, 2018        6pm-10pm
Rochester Riverside Convention Center
Tickets are now on sale at all Wegmans
Tickets will be available at the door-$45
!Come for the beer, stay for the fun
You come for the beer....
You buy a ticket to this event for the beer, right?  We're working on the best mix of local and national craft beers you can get.  Maybe even some you can't get.  If you love craft beer come celebrate the end of a long week with us.
...but you stay for the fun!
Anybody can get a bunch of craft beers together and call the event a festival.  We bring things to do like beer pong, giant beer pong, cornhole and more.  This isn't your fathers craft beer festival
Celebrate the end of a long work week at RocCity Brewfest
  1. Craft Beer
    If you're looking for a great mix of craft beers then get your ticket today. We scour the country looking for unique craft beers along with finding new craft brewers right here in New York
  2. Music
    We know that we like to hear all kinds of music when we're out. For that reason we bring a sound system that plays Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Country and Dance music
  3. Food
    The culinary staff at the Riverside Convention Center works with us to craft a food menu that compliments craft beer. Don't waste time eating before you come over, you can buy food here.
  4. Stuff to do
    This is not your father's craft beer festival. Remember the old days: you get a sampling glass and stand around. That's not what this festival is about. There is lots of fun stuff to do here.
RocCity Brewfest

Come for the beer, stay for the fun!